Schizophonic EP

by Doghouse

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First response to the breakup of Sicknote...
Doghouse is waving, not drowning.


released August 1, 2015

Words and music by Jason Mark Walsh (Doghouse)



all rights reserved


Doghouse Cardiff, UK

The sound of the idiot savant...

Ex singer/frontman/lyricist for infamous techno punk band, Sicknote... Now solo and undiluted.

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Track Name: The Fool
The Fool

Right from the start I had a black cloud for a heart,
And the rain from my bladder, it fell.
I pissed like a cynic, and fools I did mimic;
On earth as it is down in hell.

Knee deep in the sewer, my head full of ether,
With nothing of value to sell.
But if anyone knows good reason why those fellows smile at leisure, pray tell.
Cos I'm an idiot
I'm an imbecile,
But to live like this,
It has to be real.
I'm a dimwit;
A fool.
A first class cretin,
A buffoon...
Not cool, as a rule;
A fool
Track Name: Move it On (Dirty Bastard Acid Mix)
My cartilage is turning to sand.
Nothing to do with these hands.

We'll be having fun in the sun... well I hope so.
I hope so.

Dancing in the sun, having fun... well I hope so.
I hope so.

When trouble comes, we won't run... I hope so.
I hope so.

My face is cracked.
Got a pain in my back.
Hope in my heart.
Playing my part.
One step nearer to the goal.
Waiting no more.
Move it on.

Breaking my back for nothing more... in this shit

We'll be dancing in the sun, having fun... well, I hope so.
I hope so.

Funny face; a disgrace... Well, I don't hope so.
I don't hope so.
Track Name: Sell Out
Well, you've been doing favours for promoters who like to do deals.
But all their empty promises don't stretch to hot meals.

And you've been playing free parties out there in the hills,
But all that camaraderie just don't pay the bills.

You wanna write the theme tune to a hit TV show,
So you can still appear relevant to all those in the know.

You wanna sell out.

You wanna see your music on TV selling big brands.
So you can go on holiday like all hardworking bands.

You wanna sell out.

You keep your swollen, flaccid fist in your polyester pocket,
But the only flesh it grips is the leather of your wallet.

You wanna sell out.

Backhander contender.
Business model defender.

You wanna sell out.
Track Name: I'm Feeling Quite Well
I'm Feeling Quite Well

I've got a heart in my chest,
A hunch on my back,
One glass eye
And two wooden legs.
I've got a hook for a hand,
A kidney from a friend.
One cleft lip,
And a pigeon chest,

But I'm well.
I'm feeling quite well.
Yes, I'm well.
I'm feeling quite well.

Well, well, well.

I've got a notice to quit,
A final demand,
A ten grand debt,
But I don't mind.
I owe money to friends,
No next of kin,
A whole lot of nothing
To leave in my will.

But I'm well.
I'm feeling quite well.
Yes, I'm well.
I'm feeling quite well.

Well, well, well.